People ask me “why is the QValue™ Home Search BOT better at finding homes than any other system out there—even to the point of outperforming realtors at finding homes buyers prefer?”  And I tell them “because all of the other companies build their systems as if they’re analyzing data; whereas I create my systems just like I am working one-on-one with an emotionally charged only semi-stable home buyer—just like you have to.”  It makes all of the difference in the world.”      —creed smith, QValueBOT creator


Why the QValueBOT works better

The QValueBOT is handcrafted to perform just like I am personally looking for a home with the hundreds of qualities my buyer and her family most desire, and I have to face them everyday—just like you do.

We seek out homes with the hundreds of qualities your buyer most desires simultaneously.  You and I can’t physically do this 24/7 and your MLS system or any public website cannot do it either.  The QValueBOT can and it has proven itself to outperform realtors at finding homes buyers prefer. Use the BOT to better serve your clients, to save yourself untold amounts of time and effort, and to make yourself shine.


Get the QValueBOT up on your site today

If your current website already offers everything buyers expect today then simply ask your website provider to contact us using the form below and we’ll work with them to get QValue’s Home Search BOT fully integrated into your site for only $29 per month*.  

Right now we are offering both the QValue™ Find More Genius Robot (the one that beat realtors in a live contest at finding homes buyers prefer)—AND QValue’s Envision™ Instant Home Search through your existing website provider for only $29 per month*.

Set yourself apart from the herd and stop embarrassing yourself using home search technology from 1996.


QValueBOT 1996 tech 1


QValueBOT 1996 tech 2

QValueBOT 1996 tech 3


QValueBOT 1996 tech 4


QValueBOT 1996 tech 5


QValueBOT 1996 tech 6



*Subject to QValue™ and your website provider finalizing the terms of service and reaching an agreement.  But in essence we pull data from the MLS/RETS data on their server via an API we supply, run our multi-step bot algorithms, and provide the data back to them for presentation on your website via an API they provide to us.  We have a set minimum number of subscribers for each MLS covered metro area.

Envision™, Envision Instant Home Search™, and No BOT! Then what do you got?™ are trademarks of QValue™ and Creed Smith.  Patents pending on the QValue™ AVM, Envision™ Instant Home Search™, and QValue™ Find More bot.