QValue Value Genius AVM Solves the Problems Zillow’s Zestimate has


The above quote is from Inman News article “Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff sold home for much less than Zestimate“.


Just as QValue’s Find More Genius home search robot outperforms brokers at finding homes buyers prefer (http://www.inman.com/2016/05/10/broker-vs-bot-winner/), our Value Genius AVM tells home sellers which qualities buyers most like, how these qualities affect their home’s value, how to prepare their home for sale, offers an estimated value and allows a comparison of a range of prices, and demonstrates how to focus their marketing.  The future of real estate already exists.



QValue Value Genius automated valuation model (AVM)

QValue Value Genius is like having every buyer in your neighborhood walk into your home, tell you exactly what they want—and how much they’ll pay to get it™.

QValue® not only presents a derived value, but allows the home seller to compare their home to other homes at each price point within their neighborhood. These text and picture comparisons help home sellers to instantly understand what creates value based on qualities the market most demands.  QValue® is a learning tool helping the home seller to understand exactly what creates value in their very neighborhood based on what the buyers desire and what they’ll pay to attain their desires.

Within the REalMARKABLE.com examples the green text reveals what the subject home and each QValue® group of homes (price point) have in common. The orange text presents what is dissimilar between the subject home and the QValue® group. The series of QValues® presented along the bottom of the screen allow the user to instantly see what creates differences in value based on true market actions—what buyers desired and what they paid to get what they want.

(I refer to certain “qualities” of homes as “emotional triggers”, as these characteristics trigger the buyer to envision future life events and immediately receive the emotional rewards of events yet to happen. These emotional triggers are why a buyer falls in love with one home over all the others they view, and what creates the difference in values between homes within a neighborhood.)

QValue’s text comparison makes valuing a home easy, intuitive, and instant. But for an even greater impact the home seller can click photo mode and see why one home is more valuable than another. There’s no doubt why buyers paid more for one home than another.


You Can Customize Value Genius

Additionally, you can customize Value Genius™.  Value Genius™ offers its own derived value or it can be calibrated to any other AVM you wish, for example CoreLogic’s automated valuation.  Regardless of which automated valuation you choose, Value Genius™ still presents the qualities buyers most demand at each price point.  Value Genius™ takes the marginally useful estimated valuation of all other AVMs and transforms them into a learning tool for home sellers by telling them which qualities created each value point within their neighborhood—even coaching them how to prepare their home for sale and showing them which qualities of their home to feature throughout their marketing.


Additional Examples and Applications of Value Genius



If the user is a little confused at the REalMARKABLE site they can hit the “?” symbol and a help video instantly answers their most likely questions. Each screen and function has a video associated with it—all anticipating the user’s most likely questions.

(Oh, I should mention that the REalMARKABLE® screens we are using for these examples are designed to optimally function on a smart phone screen. This is not a watered-down app based on a desktop website; this is the entire site designed for optimal functionality on a tiny screen.)

These videos are designed to give the website a very human identity. The videos make the user comfortable, are informative, but are fun and engaging—human. Here’s the help video explaining the valuation screen.



You can now “test drive” QValue® in action at REalMARKABLE.com®.  Grab any house that comes up on your map search that you truly like, click through how you normally would for details, click the QValue® button on the property detail screen, and watch the magic.  (Because both REalMARKABLE.com® and QValue™ are in  early stages of Beta.  The Beta test is available only in Denver at this time.

The system, theories, and programming are all quite complicated but the front end user will never know that. The results are instant and intuitive, and everything functions optimally on a phone screen.

If you would like to talk about any of this stuff or the 99% of the process I didn’t mention here, please shoot me a note below, email me directly at creed@QValue.net, or call my cell 303.906.6915.


Full Disclosure: The following are patent pending inventions and other proprietary tools REalMARKABLE® and QValue® uses.

  • Value Genius™ is an automated valuation model (AVM) that offers you not only an automatic estimated home value but also tells you the qualities buyers most seek out and the ones they’ll pay the most to attain. It is the only AVM in existence that does this. (It is part of a pending Software Patent and a pending Design Patent)
  • Find More Genius™ is an instant custom search tool finding homes for a buyer based on the qualities they most love. (It is part of a pending Software Patent)
  • Fierce Marketing® is a professional marketing, video, and photo service designed to discover and visually focus on what buyers most desire and trigger their emotions. (Part of the REalMARKABLE® Marketing System)
  • REalMARKABLE’s edgy sign has a pending Design Patent.
  • QValue® is the company providing much of the technology used throughout the REalMARKABLE® site. (All part of pending software patents and a pending design patent for the presentation of the screens displayed)
  • REalMARKABLE® is a new real estate brokerage in Metro Denver using intelligent, cutting edge tools helping you to market and sell your home and save you money. (Creed created and owns everything mentioned in the entire disclosure section—and everything at the website is Creed’s fault.)
  • Everything here is cutting edge innovation, invention, and technology that no one else is offering. So you will find a few imperfections at REalMARKABLE®.com. Please understand that we are working really hard to correct anything that goes wrong and give you the best real estate tools and service on the planet.