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What do home buyers most want from real estate agents?

What is the #1 service home buyers most want from you?  Year after year the National Association of Realtors survey states that the #1 demand from home buyers is help finding the right home to purchase.  This is more than 400% more important to them than the second most important demand they make of you: help negotiating the terms of sale.  (NAR’s 2016 survey states that 53% of buyers state help finding the right home is the most important service their agent can provide for them.  Only 12% state that negotiating the terms of sale is the most important service you can provide for them.)


the help buyer most need from agents


People ask me “why is the QValue™ Home Search BOT better at finding homes than any other system out there—even to the point of outperforming realtors at finding homes buyers prefer?”  And I tell them “because all of the other companies build their systems as if they’re analyzing data; whereas I create my systems just like I am working one-on-one with an emotionally charged only semi-stable home buyer—just like you have to.”  It makes all of the difference in the world.”                       —creed smith, QValueBOT creator


The QValueBOT is handcrafted to perform just like I am personally looking for a home with the hundreds of qualities my buyer and her family most desire and I have to face them everyday—just like you do.

We seek out homes with the hundreds of qualities your buyer most desires simultaneously.  You and I can’t physically do this 24/7 and your MLS system or any public website cannot do it either.  The QValueBOT can and it has proven itself to outperform realtors at finding homes buyers prefer.

Use the BOT to better serve your clients, to save yourself untold amounts of time and effort, and to make yourself shine.

Right now we are offering both the QValue™ Find More Genius Robot (the one that beat realtors in a live contest at finding homes buyers prefer)—AND QValue’s Envision™ Instant Home Search through your existing website provider for only $29 per month*.


Honest advice for agents

On average there are about 5,000,000 real estate transactions in the US per year.  There are 2,000,000 agents trying to make a living off of those 5,000,000 sales.  The only way you are going to increase your market share is to take it from other agents.

The only way to take buyer-side sales from other agents is by better meeting buyers’ greatest demand of helping them find their perfect home than everyone else.

  • You could kill yourself 24/7/365 meeting buyers’ needs by manually looking through every listing in the MLS every hour or two—or you could consider putting useful technology to work for you. For $29* per month Envision Instant Home Search does what you and I can’t physically do: look at hundreds of qualities on every home 24/7 and instantly presenting them rank-ordered with the homes your buyers love the most at the top of the list.
  • Included in this $29* is QValue’s Find More Bot (this is the bot that outperformed realtors at finding homes buyers prefer—every time, in a live contest).  Envision offers the homes with the most qualities your buyers love based on a style of home.  Find More completely locks down all the qualities based on any single home your buyer loves and instantly presents a rank-ordered list of homes very much like the home your buyer loves.  So you get two technology tools nobody else can offer you.
  • And finally, any time your buyer saves any home to their account at your website the QValueBOT perpetually searches out and matches every home ever coming to market with the qualities your buyer most loves.  It’s our Find More Bot working non-stop finding and presenting homes very much like your buyer most loves pretty much forever.  Just have your website administrator set up the Find More Bot so that suggested homes come to your buyer via your email.  You look like a genius.  This is also included in the $29*  Just have your website supplier contact us using the form below.
  • So this really is honest, albeit biased advice, since we think our BOT is unmatched in the marketplace.
  • You have another option to get all three QValueBOT technologies working for you, and that’s directly through your MLS.  *If they wish we can supply all three BOT technologies to you directly through your MLS for $2 per agent per month*.
  • We’re pretty bad salesmen so we suggest that you just Compare Envision Instant Home Search to any other home search tool at any other website.

Stop embarrassing yourself using home search technology from 1996




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What’s a home search tool like this going to do to your competition?  

Let’s talk: you really only care about useful technologies which help you create leads.  Everything else like CRM, web-based transaction management, electronic contracts and electronic signatures mean nothing to you without leads and business.  QValueBOT does two things better than everyone else: find homes buyers love and create leads.


tech for the non-technical

You really know real estate and you work really hard

You just need a little help competing with the billion dollar companies


Here’s how to solve your technology problem


Technology can be really hard to create and understand and use.

Well, unless you have somebody else build cutting edge technology right into your website and you just let it go to work for you.  Here’s how you solve your technology problem.


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No BOT!—Then What Do You Got?

Technologically Advanced Agent Websites That Are Easy to Use

With QValue’s Contest Winning Home Search BOT Fully Integrated Into Your SmartSite


Technologically Advanced Agent SmartSites with the Contest Winning QValue™ Artificial Intelligence Powered Home Search BOT fully integrated.


QValue for Smart Agents

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*Subject to QValue™ and your website provider finalizing the terms of service and reaching an agreement.  But in essence we pull data from the MLS/RETS data on their server via an API we supply, run our multi-step bot algorithms, and provide the data back to them for presentation on your website via an API they provide to us.  Or Subject to QValue™ and your MLS finalizing the terms of service and reaching an agreement. In essence we pull MLS data on their server via an API we supply, run our multi-step bot algorithms, and provide the data back to them for presentation on your website via an API they provide to us.  We do require a minimum number of agent site subscriptions within each metropolitan area.

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