How Clients See QValue™

Hey, QValue™ is some really complicated mathematical programming. But your clients don’t need to know that. All they need to know is that it works: it instantly allows them to understand the differences in values between homes, and that you are giving them something no one else in your market can.

This fun video is borrowed from (currently going Beta on the web) and allows your clients to understand what really makes one home more valuable than another and how QValue™ helps them. is going after sellers and buyers who want something different than your typical IDX styled broker websites. REalMARKABLE is after savvy sellers and buyers desiring smart technology and is super easy to use–but very powerful in accomplishing their client’s goals.

Don’t let the ultra-minimalist interface shock you. REalMARKABLE is designed with UIO (U I Zero), meaning an ultra-minimalist UI which gets immediately to what their clients want to do–and is the only real estate brokerage site designed to run 100% on a smart phone screen. This is not an after-the-fact app, this is the whole site. So you may desire a different integration of QValue™ on your own site based on what your client’s needs are.

Watch the video while imagining being a home seller or buyer in your area. The video never tosses out any of the complex technology driving QValue™, like custom polygons, random-forest-regression, or very specialized text analysis. It instead helps buyers and sellers to relate to what causes value in homes using very common sense terms, and then presents how QValue™ will help them.