Four Home Search BOTs

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Four Home Search BOTs

QValue™ offers four home search bots for real estate agents.  For a limited time we are offering all four bots on your current web site, through your current website provider, for only $29 per month*.


1) Envision Instant Home Search™

Just visualize your perfect home with everything you most love.  This is how you start your search using Envision™.

People naturally begin their home search with a vague vision of what their life will be like when they are in their new home.  Buyers loosely envision their perfect life within their perfect home.

Envision™ Instant Home Search™ begins exactly where buyers begin: visualizing their perfect life within their perfect home.

When using Envision™ Instant Home Search™ a buyer simply chooses the style of home they love and instantly sees the best homes available.

Envision™ Instant Home Search™ replaces the obsolete industry standard search starting with bedroom and bathroom counts.

Envision™: today’s new technology standard™.

You can compare Envision Home Search with the top twelve real estate portals right now at


2) Find More Genius™

From the list of homes Envision™ offers when a buyer spots a home that really stands out for them, as they click trough for details Find More Genius™ instantly matches and lists every home available very much like this home the buyer loves.  The buyer opens up the details of a home they are really interested in and already waiting for them is a list of very similar homes.  It’s just an extra gift from you to them.

This Find More Genius™ bot is the same bot that outperformed realtors 100% of the time at finding homes buyers prefer in a live contest.  So your buyers are going to love the results.


3) Find More—Forever™

Envision™ Instant Home Search™ instantly presents homes rank-ordered with the qualities buyers most love about a style of home, and Find More Genius™ completes an instant custom search based on a single home the buyer loves.

Any time a home buyer registers at your website and saves a home the Find More BOT perpetually seeks out and sends to them and you every home hitting the market very much like the home they saved—forever, or at least until they buy a home from you.  The homes suggested are coming from QValue’s Find More Genius™ bot—meaning every home suggested is a truly excellent match based on what a buyer most loves about a home.

Each home a user saves at your website creates a perpetual custom home search through the QValueBOT™: Find More—Forever.


4) Instant Access™

One of the bot functions I am most proud of is our “Instant Access™”—as in instantly finding accessible homes for people with a range of physical challenges.  This is our forth QValue™ home search bot available to you and is fully integrated within the Envision™ home search tools.

Instead of using one or two very general and very generic real estate industry field names, such as “handicap assessable”, QValue’s Instant Access™ search uses nearly 300 bot-driven terms to find homes offering not only commonly used designated accessible terms, but even terms describing homes with greater potential than average of becoming accessible or more accessible.

Plus, and this is really important, by using a large range of terms our Instant Access™ bot presents homes for a range of varying accessibility needs.  There is no such single “handicap” as current home search filters would have us believe; instead everybody has different needs and abilities.  Our bot takes this into consideration.

Finally by seeking out and presenting homes with varying accessibility features buyers are not locked into specifically designated homes and locations—excluding them from many parts of society and interaction with the communities they most desire.  Instead we simply designate every home ranging from those completely renovated with every accessibility feature to those homes with higher than average potential to become accessible or more accessible based on each individual’s needs.  We simply point them all out and the home buyer decides whether each designated home meets their particular needs.

As with all QValue™ bots we simultaneously search within the range of hundreds to thousands of descriptive terms, far surpassing what humans can do, and far surpassing what any current website, portal, or MLS system can do.  We present the full range of possibilities, but the final decision on whether a home meets a buyer’s particular accessibility needs is their choice.

To help alleviate accessibility search shortcomings within the entire real estate industry QValue™ is offering our Instant Access™ search bot free to all MLS companies.  All we ask is that each MLS supplies the data we need to run our bot algorithms and we’ll send back our results for every home for sale.  Instant Access is free to all MLS companies with no strings attached: you get us the data; we send you the designated houses.

Each MLS can then use the QValueBOT™ Instant Access™ filter to score the accessibility potential of each home in their broker-side system, on their public access website, and allow agents to post the same accessible search filtering on each one of their websites.  This may mean nearly 2,000,000 real estate websites instantly offering accessible homes within their home buyer search tools.

Buyers with accessible needs, individual hard-working agents, and MLS systems all win.


Instant Home Search™ replaces old-style home search 

Current home search practices completely thwart how a buyer thinks and feels.  Current industry search systems immediately require users to define a price range, bedroom and bathroom counts, and other quantitative data into search parameters, and then dumps on them a generic list of homes sorted by price range.

Your home buyer now spends days, weeks, or months manually filtering hundreds of home descriptions and thousands of photos to find homes connecting with the visions of their future life.

Realtor MLS systems offer no better home search systems to brokers than what the public has on the internet, and in many cases MLS systems are even more primitive.

Instant home search bots replace the outmoded current industry standards (patent pending).  You can compare Envision to the top twelve real estate portals this minute by visiting  Judge for yourself which site allows buyers to find homes they love instantly.

The QValueBOT™ series is today’s new technology standard™.



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*Subject to QValue™ and your website provider or MLS system finalizing the terms of service and reaching an agreement.  But in essence we pull data from the MLS data on their server via an API we supply, run our multi-step bot algorithms, and provide the data back to them for presentation on your website via an API they provide to us.  We do require a minimum number of agent site subscriptions within each metropolitan area.

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