creeds resume

Creed Smith


Bachelor of Business Administration from Kent State University 1985

Master of Science in Marketing from Colorado State University 1995



Software Patent Pending for an Automated Valuation Model and Home Search Bot with USPTO

Separate Design Patent Pending for the User Interface of the AVM

Relevant links: Home Search Bot QValue Bot was a 2016 Innovation Award Finalist; Automated Valuation Model QValue AVM was a 2015 Innovation Award Finalist; I write Real Estate Industry Articles at Inman News and Demon of Marketing,


Real Estate and Related Business

I created and own the tech-based real estate brokerage REalMARKABLE, the technology company QValue, a specific home buyer site Let a Robot, and the marketing company Fierce Marketing.

I’ve been a licensed broker in Colorado since 1987 and have sold about 1,500 homes shown in a bit of a jumbled order and formats.  Along with more standard residential real estate I spent many years specializing in services to the largest finance companies on the planet such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Wells Fargo, and many others.

I am approved by the state of Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, Real Estate Division, to teach “Technology in the Real Industry” course for broker continuing education credits (about page 32 of this list).

Oh, I have another design patent pending for the really cool REalMARKABLE signs.  Here’s some more cool stuff we do at REalMARKABLE for our brokers and clients!




Cool Stuff at REalMARKABLE

If instead of adding  the QValue Find More Genius and the Value Genius tools to your own website, you would like an entire fully functioning REalMARKABLE site, here’s some cool stuff you instantly hit the market with.

Find More Genius is better at finding homes buyers like the most than brokers are, and it’s instant, and if the buyer saves a home to their REalMARKABLE account it happens 24/7.  How do you build loyalty from buyers who can shop anywhere on the internet for homes?  Give them a search tool that nobody else in the industry has–one that actually finds homes they like, instantly.


Some of the News Sources Covering QValue and our Find More Genius Robot


QValue Find More Genius at REalMARKABLE



QValue Value Genius at REalMARKABLE

When you are honest with your sellers about what creates value in their home and what really makes their home sell, you don’t have a client–you’ve got someone who trusts you for life.




Absolute coolest real estate signs known to mankind

Nobody cares about the technology in an iphone; they care about how cool it is to look at–and expect the tech to be in there.  Your sign should do the same for you.  Besides, a cool sign is going to get your seller excited, and it’s going to get buyers calling you, and it’s going to get the seller’s neighbors to look you up and hire you–and it’s going to drive your competition crazy (and they can’t copy it; its got a pending design patent).

Oh! Remember when you used to stuff paper brochures into plastic boxes screwed to your sign?  REalMARKABLE’ signs have only three pieces of information on them: “logo”, “For Sale”, and your “agent’s personal landing page URL” for all of their listings.  Who used to steal the first twenty-five brochures every time?  The neighbors!  That personal broker site does a lot more than just present information on each house–it sells the services you offer that no one else does.  Check it out a sample broker landing page.




Neighborhood Landing Pages

Every neighborhood you are most interested in doing business in gets its own Neighborhood Landing Page.  When you tie together dozens or even a hundred of these you have one monster of an SEO machine!




Every Home has Built-in Social Sharing

Anyone with a REalMARKABLE account can share an individual home or even their entire account access with anyone they wish–and have friends “chat” through the REalMARKABLE site with questions and comments about homes they are considering as a purchase or valuing for a future sale.  The user’s direct invitation to friends to chat at your site is a whole lot like a direct referral to do business with you when they are ready to buy or sell.




Go Office Free and have No Staff if You Wish

This is really cool–every neighborhood has an assigned broker–the Local Expert.  Any time someone has a question via the website the database pops up the contact information of the exact broker assigned to that location.  And, when a buyer schedules a showing from the website that request immediately goes to the Local Expert for that home/area.  You can honestly run a 100 agent company with no office or staff if you want to.  This will be much cleared when you watch the video.



Tell the Investors What Renovations the Buyers Demand


To attain the potential value spread and profit margin they need. Investor Genius is the only system that searches for investment properties by the spread the investors define between asking price and renovated value–and then lists the upgrades needed

Searching by Price and Bedroom Count is Terrible but…

…you can’t ask a buyer what they want either. There’s a slew of psychological mental blocks and societal pressures which cause the home buyers to mark the wrong choices when you ask them to define and weight the attributes of homes they are interested in. Please click this link and you’ll be a genius on the subject of helping buyers find the home they really love. Why You Can’t Ask a Home Buyer What They Want