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A little about Creed

For home sellers what I do for you is a bit complex but straightforward: I figure out exactly what buyers in your very neighborhood desire the most and what they’ll pay to attain those desires; and then help you to give that to them when you sell your home.  This makes your home sell for the highest price and in the quickest time frame.  This is true marketing: discovering what the market most desires and offering that to them.

What buyers desire “the most” is not my opinion; it’s based scientifically on what the highest priced homes in your area offered and how much buyers were willing to pay to attain those qualities.  I invented a system (patent pending) which captures the emotional desires of buyers by analyzing key attributes of homes.  I then help you to prepare your home to meet the desires of your buyers better than your competition—you know the neighbors who are trying to sell their home.  You can check out some videos which do a pretty good job of explaining my system: how it helps sellers value and prepare their home; how it helps buyers find their perfect home; and the scientific stuff if you are interested.

In a three day long live text we pitted my home search robot against three very experienced Denver real estate brokers to see which could find homes buyers prefer.  All three days my bot found the homes the buyers preferred.  This is really quite exciting as my algorithm understands the emotional rewards home buyers seek and the qualities of homes which trigger their envisioning their future life at your home.  We know what buyers want and so will you.  Here’s full proof of the experiment.

I believe a really great home does sell itself, but first you have to know what home buyers in your area think is great.  So I define that for you based on actual sale data, help you to prepare your home to better meet buyers’ desires than your competition does, and then give you a big commission discount for your efforts.  When you and I are done your home is the nicest in your neighborhood; buyers will love it; it will sell for a higher price and in less time; and you’ll make more money and pay less commission.  By working together before your home goes on the market we both win.

I invite you to check out my background and I promise you won’t have to tolerate any typical realtor fluff talk.

Here’s my LinkedIn profile.  I own REalMARKABLE.com and REalMARKABLE.org, which I write the articles for.  You really should read the articles at REalMARKABLE.org as they will help you a lot.  QValue is the valuation model that I created.  I am also the Demon Of Marketing, where I consult other brokerages on changes and innovation within the real estate industry (okay, this site is pretty crazy, but effective).  I also write articles on marketing, innovation, and changes in the real estate industry for Inman News (the biggest news company for the real estate industry on the planet).  Here’s Creed’s Facebook page, the Demon’s Facebook page, and of course REalMARKABLE’s Facebook page.  Oh, I actually have a design patent pending on the REalMARKABLE signs—hey your sign is your first impression to buyers and represents your home’s quality up front to them; I think it should just look cool also.  I’ll shut up now as you may be reading all of this on your phone and I don’t want you to die while driving or something.

Thanks for your time, please let me know how I can help.  creed@REalMARKABLE.com


Some of the News Sources Covering QValue and our Find More Genius Robot



Here’s a semi-formal Resume

Creed Smith


Bachelor of Business Administration from Kent State University 1985

Master of Science in Marketing from Colorado State University 1995



Software Patent Pending for an Automated Valuation Model and Home Search Bot with USPTO

Separate Design Patent Pending for the User Interface of the AVM

Relevant links: Home Search Bot QValue Bot was a 2016 Innovation Award Finalist; Automated Valuation Model QValue AVM was a 2015 Innovation Award Finalist; I write Real Estate Industry Articles at Inman News and Demon of Marketing,


Real Estate and Related Business

I created and own the tech-based real estate brokerage REalMARKABLE, the technology company QValue, a specific home buyer site Let a Robot, and the marketing company Fierce Marketing.

I’ve been a licensed broker in Colorado since 1987 and have sold about 1,500 homes; here are at least some of them in a bit of a jumbled order and formats.  Along with more standard residential real estate I spent many years specializing in services to the largest finance companies on the planet such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Wells Fargo, and many others.

I am approved by the state of Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, Real Estate Division, to teach “Technology in the Real Industry” course for broker continuing education credits (about page 32 of this list).

Oh, I have another design patent pending for the really cool REalMARKABLE signs.  Here’s some more cool stuff we do at REalMARKABLE for our brokers and clients!